Who are these nerds anyway?

Two Nerds looking through binoculars at birds

Trevor and I created this blog and our YouTube channel to support our hobby that we, for lack of a better word, stumbled across. The active lifestyle this hobby offers was a big plus for us starting out; often walking for miles in search of a new/rare bird, and the associated photos we were capturing were rewarding. The more we were out, and the more we talked to our friends about this new found hobby, the more we realized that many young people have not discovered the joy and excitement of bird photography. We figured that others like us might be interested in enjoying our adventures, or at the very least, peak their interest in this expanding field.

In the beginning, it was the excitement of flipping through our field guide to discover what type of species we had just seen. Now that we are a little more experienced, it’s the excitement of finding a new species (dare I say a lifer) or learning more bird calls and a little more about their behaviour. What excites us most about birding and bird photography is the possibility of capturing a photo of a bird species we have never seen, or a photo that has a fantastic composition, or better yet, both! The best part is there is a chance of this every time we head out and there remains to be an unlimited amount for us to learn, lasting for many years to come.

On any given weekend, you will find us driving throughout Niagara or surrounding area after a carefully planned itinerary, and perhaps checking eBird to see if there were any recent sightings. Depending on the amount of activity, this could be a full day excursion, or require taking off to an alternate location. The trouble with birding is, that it is difficult to ‘turn it off’, as Trevor and I would say. Birds are everywhere, and once you see it you can’t resist telling those around you what kind of bird it is, where you first saw it, and it suddenly turns into a short documentary about that specific species. This is a true sign that we are hooked and we both really enjoy not only the birds themselves, but the respect for nature it brings.

Professionally, Trevor and I come from different disciplines. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography accompanied by a Bachelor of Education and later returned to complete a Post Graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Currently, I am working in the field of Waste Management but have done everything from completing a city's tree inventory to being a school photographer. Trevor has always been of creative intellect. He obtained a diploma in Creative Graphic Design Production after completing a year in Art Fundamentals and is currently working as a Creative/Marketing Director of a national company. This lends itself well to what we do with bird photography, as he effortlessly edits all our photos and videos, and is the creative genius behind what we do.

View Trevor's Astrophotography Blog: AstroBackyard

We have come to realize through, after 5 years at this now, that there are a few things we cannot live without. Trevor’s being a hot cup of coffee to get him through the longest of treks and mine being a nice restful sleep to ensure I can make the early wake up call, because the birds wait for no one.

Ashley and Trevor are bird photographers



  1. Hi Trevor,
    I'm always looking for other bloggers to enjoy from southern Ontario. I also enjoy capturing and sharing wildlife photography (www.his-handiwork.blogspot.com). I'm curious what lens you are using? I can't read from your photo. An "Explore" lens? Are you able to share the maker and your experience with it? brian.enter@gmail.com.
    If you can, thanks!

  2. Hey guys my name is Chad Hooey and i just found your Youtube channel and i really love your passion for this field. Myself i am a bird addict and photographer over on the South Coast of British Columbia but i was born in Barrie, Ontario. But having been in B.C. most my life there is no province like it! If you would like to check out some of my bird images feel free to look me up on Flickr or Instagram. Oh and i love your photography!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Chad. We have certainly grown to love this wonderful hobby and the challenge of photographing birds. British Columbia looks like a beautiful province, and it is definitely on our list of places to visit. Found you on Instagram, you have some great photos, I especially love the ones of your four legged friends!

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