Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost Spring at LaSalle Park

Male Wood Duck - Photo by Trevor Jones at LaSalle Park, Burlington
Wood Duck (M)
I remember looking through my first bird identification guide 2 years ago and seeing the Male Wood Duck in the waterfowl category. My wife and I both agreed "Now that is a beautiful animal!"  It looks as though it were hand painted with every colour in the rainbow.  2 years later, we both have some great shots of a beautiful male Wood Duck. This duck was by himself amongst a huge crowd of Mallards and Tundra swans at LaSalle Park in Burlington.

Being our second time to the park, we knew that the Chickadees and Nuthatches have been know to get very close to humans. There are plenty of feeders along the pathway along the shore for them. I took this shot of my wife hand feeding a Chickadee:

Ashley holding a Chickadee at LaSalle Park
Ashley holding a Chickadee

This is a great place for birders, especially in the coming weeks of Spring. On top of the getting up close with waterfowl and friendly songbirds, there is also a resident Eastern Screech Owl that lives in one of the trees!

Eastern Screech Owl photo by Trevor Jones with Canon 7D
Eastern Screech Owl

Too bad he wouldn't open his eyes for us! I guess we'll have to go back;)


  1. No fair - you got to see the Owl! I've popped by a few times and have yet to see it. Beautiful shot of the Wood Duck! I had always had a similar sentiment to hoping to get a sight and picture of one of these beauties one day. I saw the same bird earlier this spring.

  2. Thanks for the comment Brian. You have some nice shots of the Wood Duck yourself!