Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eventful Winter Sunday

Northern Saw Whet Owl
My fiance got a tip on where to find a Northern Saw Whet Owl back in the Spring of last year. Even though we knew the approximate area of where the owl had been seen, we had failed to spot him though several attempts. Our luck changed this past Sunday! I know it's not a great pic, but we didn't want to disturb him. There were many footprints in the area, and I've even heard that there is baiting and tree trimming happening.

I got into the hobby of wildlife photography because I respect and cherish animals and nature. The last thing I would want to do is compromise the health and well-being of an animal just to get a photograph. I have seen some things I don't like over the past year about the lengths photographers will go to "get the shot". I urge beginner wildlife photographers like myself to keep the animals welfare as your top priority.

After adding species number 93 to my list that morning, we headed to Confederation Park in Hamilton. On the way, we spotted several Red-Tailed Hawks (Counted 13 in total). This amazing creature was perched on a hydro pole near Casablanca road in Stoney Creek:

Red Tailed Hawk
It had already been an amazing day for birds with the Owl and all the Red-Tails, and we hoped our luck would continue into Confederation Park... and it did!  We found a beautiful pair of Hooded Mergansers swimming in a pond right off the lake. We took many photos of them and ended up with some decent results, despite the lack of sunshine that day.

Hooded Merganser Pair
Here is a short video of our find:

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  1. Nice shots Trevor! Are you willing to share the general location of the owl? You can email me.
    I agree with your opinion on respectfully photographing wildlife. In your picture of the owl, you can see a stump of a trimmed branch I think. Looking forward to following your posts!