Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snowy Owl in St. Catharines!

Photo taken with Canon 7D by Trevor Jones
Snowy Owl - Trevor Jones
I have finally found (with some help), and shot an owl photo! I was able to get a few flights shots of this handsome fella' on December 30th, 2012.  The lighting that day was fantastic, which helped capture the bright yellow eyes of the Snowy Owl. Unfortunately, this location has been heavily broadcast across the internet, and has been getting swarmed with birders, and non-birders alike.  I think we might lose this great spot due to overcrowding. 

My New Baby - Canon EOS 7D
Over the holidays I purchased a new camera for daytime shooting and birding.  For my budget and needs the Canon 7D was a perfect fit.  The 19 point autofocus is insane, I am still learning the full potential of this camera each day.  I am also enjoying shooting HD videos with the 7D, but I still have a lot to learn.  Here is a quick test video I put together the day after I bought the camera.  You might notice that there is some footage of a Harlequin Duck in there, a bird I have never photographed before!

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  1. Very nice pictures! Although you bemoaned the increased knowledge about the Snowy Owl location, I understand it's being well respected from the edge of the road. I was able to enjoy it today, though not with such great results as you had!