Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Back Baby!

Taken at Confederation Park, Hamilton, Ontario
Golden Crowned Kinglet - Confederation Park - Hamilton

After a long hiatus, I have returned to update this 'ol bird blog of mine.  Rest assured, I have been taking many' a bird pics in the meantime.  I have really enjoyed my experience with Flickr, I post all of my photos on there, and get a lot of positive feedback from other photographers.  My photo gallery is now a feed from my "Birds of Southern Ontario" album over there.

Photographed at Dufferin Islands in Niagara Falls
Belted Kingfisher - Dufferin Islands - Niagara Falls

My fiance and I had a great Spring and Summer of birding this year.  We have learned of a lot of new great places in Niagara to find new species.  My "master list" of birds in Southern Ontario is now at 83!  We are heading out to the Guelph area this weekend to try and add some more species to our lists!

Photographed at Dufferin Islands in Niagara Falls
Black Crowned Night Heron - Dufferin Islands - Niagara Falls

I have some plans for this blog: 1.  A new page describing birding locations, and what you can expect to find there.  2.  A step by step processing page to show how to bring out the fine details and colour in your photographs.

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