Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life List up to 60 Species! (In Ontario)

Carolina Wren
My life list of birds seen and photographed in Ontario has now grown to 60 species total.  The beautiful weather we had over the Easter Long Weekend allowed my friend and I to travel to many different parks and shoot photos.  The above photo of a Carolina Wren was the ONLY bird we saw while at Shorthills Provincial Park in St. Catharines during our one hour hike.  Another bird added to my list last weekend was the Brown Creeper, pictured below.

Brown Creeper
On another note, I have been paying close attention to a family of Great Blue Heron's living in Ithaca, New York.  I have been able to do this thanks to the Live Nest Cameras provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  It is amazing to see these majestic creatures living their daily lives, and the hardships they endure as they raise their young.  (Their are currently 5 eggs in their nest!)

The Great Blue Heron Live Nest Cam
 Click Here to View the Live Cam

Shockingly, 3 nights ago the Mother Great Blue Heron was attacked by a Great Horned Owl, Live on Camera.  The Mother Heron is doing okay despite the fact that the plumes on her head were ripped off.  It is a startling video to say the least, as the Owl attacks the Mother in her sleep at 4am.  You can see the video below.  I found it hard to get the scene out of my head!


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