Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The King of Jaycee Park

The Old Lock at Jaycee Park
I woke up early to take some nature photos on the brisk morning of December 11th at Jaycee Park.  Other than a few Cardinals and Black-Capped Chickadees, the morning was quite uneventful.  That was until I heard the unmistakable call of the Belted Kingfisher.  I could hear the little guy swooping around the exposed remnants of the stone locks of the old Welland Canal.  After some ducking, climbing and ankle-twisting, I was able to position myself to an area where I had seen the Kingfisher fly by.  All of a sudden "Splash" the Male Kingfisher had dove into the water after a fish.  Although he was denied a tasty fish this time, he perched above the lock, and I quickly snapped this shot.
The elusive Belted Kingfisher (Male)

 Later that day I went back to capture the beautiful sunset and the planet Venus setting in the East. I ended up snapping this quick shot on my way out that really captures the beauty of that December day.
Sunset at Jaycee Park in St. Catharines

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